Your Comprehensive Guide to the Best Bluetooth Headphones for Working Out

While you’re enjoying a sweaty, productive workout, you may be wishing that you could listen to music and take phone calls. Bluetooth headphones for working out make it possible to do just that.

Top Pick

ELZU.US Bluetooth Headphones w/ 12+ Hours Battery

  • 12 hour battery
  • Excellent noise cancellation
  • Compatible with smartphones


How to Select the Best Bluetooth Headphones for Working Out?

Headphones that are designed especially for working out range in features and construction. However, Bluetooth compatibility, waterproof coating, long battery life, and high quality of sound are typically the makings of a fantastic pair of exercise headphones. Here, we’ve gathered the top five Bluetooth headphones for working out based on quality, advanced features, and affordability. Whichever device you select from this list, you can trust that it will deliver on quality, functionality, and value for money.


The Top 5 Best Bluetooth Headphones for Working Out


LETSCOM Bluetooth Headphones IPX7

  • Great sound quality
  • Sturdy, resistant to elements
  • Great battery
  • Easy to use buttons

 The LETSCOM Bluetooth Headphones IPX deliver top-quality functionality for a wonderfully low price. The high fidelity sound is created with the built-in 11mm vibrating diaphragm, CSR chip, and Bluetooth 4.1 technology. The high and low volume levels are sensitive and crystal clear, allowing you to make audible, clear phone calls. These headphones also have an included microphone for bass and stereo sound.

If you’re worried about sweat damaging these headphones during intense workout sessions, worry no more. These LETSCOM headphones are waterproof, featuring an internal nano-coating to keep the device safe from sweat and even heavy rain.

No one wants a low battery charge to slow them down. That’s why these sports headphones have an included polymer lithium battery that delivers eight hours of talk or audio play time with only a two-hour charge. So, you could easily go through a week’s worth of workout without having to charge these awesome headphones.

To operate these headphones, simply use the control buttons. These buttons allow you to play, pause, adjust the volume, skip tracks, answer and end phone calls, and even turn on the voice control of your smartphone.

When it comes to headphones for working out, comfort is of the utmost importance. That’s why the LETSCOM Bluetooth Headphones have an ergonomic design that’s super lightweight and stable. The device comes complete with three different sizes of gel eartips for a custom fit. Plus, the silicon earhooks keep these headphones in place as you move and exercise.

Bluetooth 4.1 Sport Earphones IPX5

  • Waterproof
  • Ergonomic design
  • High-fidelity sound with clear mids and bass
  • Bluetooth

 With rave customer reviews and a budget-friendly price tag, the Bluetooth 4.1 Sport Earphones are a fantastic option for fitness enthusiasts. These earphones have earned an IPX-5 waterproof rating for sweat protection and their ergonomic design provides a secure, comfy fit. The gel silicone earbuds and flexible ear hooks ensure that these earphones stay firmly in place even as you run, cycle, play sports, or do any type of physical activity.

These sport earphones provide high-fidelity stereo sound with resonant mids and bass. The Bluetooth chipset delivers compatibility with most iPhone and Android smartphones. This device also features an inline microphone and remote to provide convenient switching between calls and music when using certain Samsung and Android smartphones.

ELZU.US Bluetooth Headphones w/ 12+ Hours Battery

  • 12 hour battery
  • Excellent noise cancellation
  • Compatible with smartphones

  These Bluetooth headphones from ELZU.US are a bestselling and top-rated product. What makes these Bluetooth headphones for working out stand apart from the rest is the exceptional battery life. With just a single charge, these headphones provide up to 12+ hours of continuous talk or music and up to 240 hours of standby time. With this fantastic battery, you’ll spend less time charging the headphones and more time enjoying your workout.

These Bluetooth headphones provide high-fidelity stereo sound quality for an exceptional listening experience. Bluetooth version 4.1 technology enables reliable signal transmission, power conservation, and clear sound quality. The clarity of sound produced by these headphones is due in part to the CVC6.0 noise cancellation technology. Plus, these headphones are compatible with most smartphones, Android and iPhone.

For the sweat protection that you look for in headphones for working out, these earbuds feature an IPX7 waterproof rating. This keeps the headphones safe from rain, water, and sweat as you exercise. In addition, these headphones are designed to stay securely in place as you work out. Advanced earhooks and your choice of ear tip size, (small, medium, or large), ensure that you’ll feel comfortable and confident that these headphones will stay put.

Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones Waterproof IPX7

  • Well tuned driver
  • Water resistant
  • Great fit
  • Long battery life

The Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones are highly affordable and popular among consumers. With a tuned driver, CSR chip, and Bluetooth 4.1 technology, these headphones deliver clear, resonant sound with excellent bass. Both in phone calls and while listening to music, you’ll appreciate the rich, expansive range that these headphones provide.

The Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones have earned an IPX7 rating with a water-resistant nano-coating. This keeps the device protected from sweat, water, and rain, enhancing the overall durability of the headphones. Plus, these headphones feature new-and-improved ear hooks for a comfortable and secure fit. A pair of memory-foam tips that conform to your ear canal for a perfect fit come included with this device.

In only an hour and a half, these headphones are fully charged and ready to last through seven to nine hours of playing. The lithium polymer battery is designed for reliability and a high level of functionality.
The remaining battery level is displayed on the iOS Phone screen so that you can keep track of when the headphones will need a charge.

Phaiser BHS-530 Bluetooth Headphones

  • high quality sound
  • good strap
  • good fit

 The Phaiser BHS-530 Bluetooth Headphones offer a sleek, modern design in multiple color options. Plus, the advanced functionality delivers wonderfully clear and accurate HD sound. With 10mm speakers and Bluetooth 4.1 technology, these headphones offer great bass sound and a satisfying listening experience.

The Phaiser BHS-520 Bluetooth Headphones include Comply T-400 M memory foam tips. These bullet-shaped tips cancel out external noise for top-quality audio as you move and exercise. In included microphone is also built to reduce background sound to improve audio quality. In addition, these headphones have a behind-the-head construction to make sure that the earbuds stay put. A built-in memory-wire is highly flexible to adapt to the size of your head and offer a custom fit.

With a Liquipel nano coating, these Phaiser headphones are sweat-proof and protected against water damage. This device can even withstand being dropped into water without incurring any damage.

These Bluetooth headphones from Phaiser have an 11-hour battery life. This can conveniently power a week’s worth of workout on only a single charge and save you time. Also, the 4.1 Bluetooth technology included with these headphones provides a clear, stable connection at a distance of 30 to 40 feet. For easy functionality, you can switch between music and phone calls with the use of a single button.

These headphones include a built-in microphone that enables you to use the headset to make calls. When a call comes in, the headset reads out the caller’s phone number and the audio being played is silenced. Then, when you end the phone call, your audio turns back on.


Enjoying a high quality of audio while you’re partaking in a rigorous workout may sound too good to be true. The products listed above prove that assumption wrong. With advanced Bluetooth compatibility, top-caliber audio, a secure fit, extended battery life, and more, the devices in this article provide what you need to easily make phone calls and listen to music on the move. Plus, these provided options are all affordable and provide excellent value for money so you can make a buying decision with confidence!