The Best Record Players Under $200

Why a Record Player?

With younger generations gradually finally moving away from the television, albeit mostly in
favor of their smartphones, casual parlour entertainment has come back into style. With
technological advancements that allow for those same smartphones to supply a soundtrack,
record players in particular have seen a massive return to glory in living spaces and bedrooms
all over the world. Yes, a loyal percentage of collectors and enthusiasts have never strayed from
the classic vinyl lifestyle; even they can appreciate clean sound, intuitive modern functionality,
and great value in their record player of choice.


Top Pick

GOODNEW Vinyl Record Player Turntable

  • Built-in speakers
  • Three speed settings
  • Rustic case
  • Input and output

Why We Picked These Models

With both traditionalists and beginners in mind, we’ve gathered eight of the best record players
available for under $200. With it, save the time you’d spend on finding the perfect
player, and utilize it digging through crates at your local record shop— a much more rewarding

Our Top 8 Record Players Under $200

Auna Jerry Lee Record Player

  • Three speed settings
  • RCA output
  • USB input
  • Built-in speakers

The retro Auna Record Player, in its black and white Jerry Lee variant, brings life, and music,
back to a simpler time. Pop it open to enjoy a visual setup straight from the early years of
Hollywood, not to mention bold sound in a reasonably small package. It knows a few modern
tricks, too, with built-in speakers and vinyl-to-USB file writing. It’s a perfect housewarming or
off-to-college gift for casual listeners with undeniable style.

1byone Portable Stereo Turntable

  • Input and output
  • Bluetooth
  • Three speed settings
  • Leather-feel case

This turntable earns the award for best minimal design on the list. Its imitation leather case
gives it a softer look than the hard plastic and polished metal that is commonly seen in this aisle
of the Amazon warehouse. It, too, can record to USB from vinyl, a great tool for translating a
generation of records to digital archives for safe keeping. It may look simple, but it also supports
Bluetooth and auxiliary input to enable streaming from smart devices.

GOODNEW Vinyl Record Player Turntable

  • Built-in speakers
  • Three speed settings
  • Rustic case
  • Input and output

The GOODNEW kit is another blast from the past at first glance, sporting a swanky throwback
look in a rustic suitcase form factor. Dual stereo speakers are inconspicuously built-in, pumping
sound via rear AUX input or Bluetooth smartphone connection. It plays on three speed settings
and can be enabled to turn off when a record finishes playing. All closed up, it’s a vintage-styled
conversation piece with a musical story to tell.


Sony Fully Automatic Stereo Turntable

  • Two speed options
  • Input and output
  • USB audio writing

Brand loyalty is common in home audio equipment. If you swear by Sony, no doubt a world-class manufacturer by any measure, this is the record player for you. It pulls no punches with a somewhat uneventful design, but, as is classically Sony, the real fun is happening inside.
A professional-quality belt system and diamond stylus work to produce silky smooth sound from
any well-configured speaker setup, especially those with common Sony hardware.

Audio-Technica AT-LP60 Turntable

  • Cleaning kit included
  • Automatic speed
  • High quality sound

This charming record player is one of the best reviewed products in its category on Amazon. Its
minimalistic base and clear lid combine past and future design elements, helping to make it a
classy visual addition to any home. One repeated complaint has been low volume output,
requiring speakers to be turned-up past usual levels. The sound itself, though, has been
reported as high in quality, depth, and richness. This is a model more geared toward
enthusiasts, rather than beginners.

Victrola Nostalgic Aviator Turntable

  • Built-in speakers
  • CD, radio, and cassette
  • AUX input
  • Three speed settings

With the Victrola Nostalgic Aviator, we’ve arrived at our most lavish reanimation of the past. A
beautifully tactile wooden form factor is what makes this model stand out, in addition to its
swiss-army input capability, surely a differentiator from the other entries on this list. It may look
like an old soul, but it’ll connect to a Bluetooth signal and write audio onto a USB drive from any
of four inputs. It’s available in five colorways, all more handsome than the next.

Victrola Modern 3-Speed Bluetooth Turntable (wood)

  • 50 watt speakers included
  • Two-toned wood finish
  • Three speed options
  • Bluetooth

The king of swing has arrived to the party! With the Victrola Modern Turntable, we present,
by-far, the best combination of value, style, and functionality in our proposed price range. It
streams via Bluetooth to fifty watt speakers that blow away the competition, although limiting the
mobility of the kit. Either way, the crowning attribute of this model is its divine beauty on the
shelf. Two wood finished variants are straight from the pages of a high-fashion magazine,
perfectly designed for 2019 and beyond.

Crosley C200A-BK Direct Drive Turntable

  • Does not include speakers
  • Two speed settings
  • Input and output
  • Balanced S-shaped tone arm

The Crosley is another sharp all-black record player, although, dressed-up variants of this
model, with stained wooden bases, can be found further up the price scale. It has a sturdy
professional build, with an aluminum platter and felt slip mat. It’s a traditional setup, lacking
Bluetooth and often requiring a bit of set up to get humming in-tune. Close the crystal clear lid
and allow guests to be mesmerized by the sound spinning from within, safe from bumps and


As you’re likely to have gathered from reading this list, the $200 price point allows for a wide
variance in features and functionality in a record player. First and foremost, anyone shopping in
this rage should be aware of the end-user’s level of comfort working with fine machinery or
complex audio equipment. Casual listeners will be better off with Bluetooth streaming, built-in
speakers, and out-of-the-box usability. More serious audiophiles may prefer
professional-leaning traditional setups that require at-home speaker arrangement and tuning.